How often should I submit my expenses?

You should send your expenses form to us the same frequency as we pay you. So, if you are weekly paid send them weekly, and if you are monthly paid send them monthly.

The deadline for submitting your expenses is 2 working days before your payment is due. So, if we pay you on a Friday you need to get your expenses to us by 5pm on the Tuesday to ensure they are checked ready to be offset. If we pay you on a Tuesday we need them by 5pm on the Thursday etc.

Expenses are offset against your earnings, and can only be offset as far as National Minimum Wage, therefore, if you have a large amount outstanding when you leave we will have nothing to offset them against, and we will be unable to offset those remaining. You are not really losing out because we will have offset as much as we are allowed to by HMRC rules. If you can keep on top of sending your claim forms in on time, this will mean we can offset as much as we can every week for you.

If in any week the amount of expenses exceeds the amount we are able to offset taking into account NMW at that time, we will offset as much as we can and carry the remaining claim forward to the following week.