Am I entitled to holiday pay?

Yes. Part of the rate that your agency pays you, is holiday pay. There are two ways that we can pay the holiday pay to you, please ensure that you complete the holiday preferences form and return to us.

The options are that your entitlement is paid to you with your regular payment. This is done as a loan arrangement. We loan you the amount that should be deducted, and then when you are on holiday the amount that we pay to you settles the loan. This is the way that the majority of our Contractors prefer, and the way we will assume you wish your holiday pay to be managed unless you instruct us in writing that you wish to use the Holiday Fund method.

A Holiday Fund can be set up for you, and we can either take the amount of your basic salary which equates to Statutory holiday pay, or a fixed amount each payment which you can specify, and save it in your Holiday Fund. Where this is in operation, the fund is displayed on your payslip, and when you wish to take some of the fund, you simply need to let us know how much to pay you and on what date. To use this method, please confirm in writing, stating whether you would like us to retain the standard amount or a fixed amount.