I am currently paying my Student Loan. Do I need to let Simplify know?

If you send us a P45 that will tell us, but if you fill out a P46 you should tick the Student Loan box on the form. The Student Loan Company will pick up that you now work for us when we pay you for the first time, and even if you haven’t let us know, we will receive instructions to deduct the loan very soon after we have paid you for the first time!

When will my wages be paid in to my bank account?

We run a payroll every day and will transfer the funds into your bank on the same day we receive the funds. We use the Faster Payments Scheme which means the fund arrive in your bank the same day. If your bank doesn’t accept Faster Payments, the money will be sent by BACS and arrive in your bank 2 working days later.

My Contract is Temp to Perm. Can I still use an Umbrella Company?

You may still use an Umbrella Company; however you are not eligible to offset your expenses. The reason for this is that the expenses can only be offset at a temporary place of work. If, from the outset, it is intended that the role will ultimately become permanent, then the site cannot be classed as temporary.

What is Employers National Insurance?

All PAYE payments are subject to Employers NIC, however this is normally done in the background and you don’t see it – because your agency/client aren’t processing your pay, they can’t pay this to HMRC directly so need to send it to Simplify within your limited rate, for us to pay to HMRC. It’s important to factor this in when you’re negotiating your limited rate with your agency/end client.

What rates will I be paid at?

The Ltd company rate that your agency will have quoted you will include Employers NI, and holiday pay. The Employers NI proportion will be deducted before we make payments to you. When we have received details from your agency of the rates applicable to your contract, we will send you an Assignment Schedule which will specify the rates agreed with the agency.

Am I entitled to holiday pay?

Yes – part of the rate that your agency pays you, is holiday pay. There are 2 ways that we can pay the holiday pay to you and we will give you the option when we send over your contract.
The options are that your entitlement is paid to you with your regular payment. This is done as a loan back, where we loan you the amount that should be deducted, and then when you are on holiday the amount that we pay to you settles the loan. This is the way that the majority of our Contractors prefer and we feel your funds are better held in your bank account than ours.
A Holiday Fund can be set up for you, and we can take the amount of your basic salary which equates to Statutory holiday pay and save it for you to request when you take holiday.