Who are Simplify?

Simplify Business Ltd has been established since 2008 and has grown significantly in that time.

Our success is down to how we work with our two equally important clients: our contractors and our agencies.

Contractors find reassurance in the level of service that we provide them with, and therefore like to take us from one contract to the next, regularly recommending us to their fellow Contractors.

Agencies know that we are there to support them.  We ensure any problems are quickly resolved, payment processes are properly explained at the outset etc, so that your Contractor remains happy and focused on their contract, not on sorting out issues with their payments.

Our friendly team are all cross trained so that even if a Person Account Manager is busy, anyone can support contractors or agencies with their queries so that we can get things resolved quicker and more efficiently.

We have a loyal and enviable contractor base of over 2,000 Contractors, either working in the UK.  We have experience within various industries including:  Manufacturing, Engineering, Finance, Logistics and IT.

We are based at the beautiful Derwent Valley Mills, World Heritage Site at Darley Abbey, close to Derby City Centre.  This East Midlands base is close to important transport links and means we are conveniently located for both contractors and agencies to call in and see us.  We find this reassures contractors, many of whom like to call in and meet the team who deal with their money.

Latest News
  •       I chose to use Simplify as my umbrella company as a result of reading online reviews. I found my named contact at Simplify to be extremely helpful, very approachable and, as the company name suggests, she simplified the whole financial process of claiming my agency pay.


  •       Simplify was a recommendation to me by another contractor. I have found the service excellent and friendly, including giving advice about contracting issues. I would recommend Simplify to others.

    Paul VereyckenCONTINUE READING »

  •       There have been no problems whatsoever and my payslips arrive on Fridays without fail. Thank you.

    Andrew BakerCONTINUE READING »

  •       I have nothing to complain about, my phone calls are always answered politely... If I know of anyone who needs to change I would recommend Simplify.

    Stephen ToneCONTINUE READING »

  •       I have always found you a pleasure to deal with, always helpful and efficient. Thanks for everything.



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